Data analysis & management services

Data collection and analysis is only part of the process. It’s what you do with this data that matters.

KRG helps companies use information more effectively to deliver valuable transformation within their organisation.

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Data strategy

Many organisations struggle to identify how to use data to increase business performance. This is where a fresh perspective can make all the difference.

KRG helps businesses incorporate the intelligent use of data into their wider operational strategies. We help forward-thinking companies master the basics of data management and single customer views; design and recruit the right team to exploit their data; and help deliver open data and suitable APIs to third parties to generate knowledge and, ultimately, value.

Open banking

As a means of allowing third parties to access important financial information faster and more efficiently than ever before, open banking has unlocked a vast store of data. We support retail banks and fintech ventures in the development of product comparison methodologies, multi-product optimisation tools and customer insight models so they can use these valuable data insights to their best advantage.

Data prototyping

Some businesses have been dissuaded from making material investments in data analytics technologies because of uncertainties about long term value. To grow confidence in these kinds of strategic investments, we build rapid prototypes that can be used to predict customer churn; determine customer and product profitability; and build upon geospatial analysis for successful customer profiling.

Data management

We recognise that good data management is central to success of any data-exploitation programme. However, it’s easy to focus too heavily on practical implementation, and lose sight of the benefits excellent data management can bring. Rest assured that the team at KRG look beyond the data to find innovative ways to manage risk and improve performance through the application of good data management practices.

Client-side advisory

Some clients have delivery programmes that require more comprehensive advisory support. Working closely with their teams, we can contribute to the definition of development ‘sprints’; perform test-witnessing; and manage user acceptance testing to determine the programme’s effectiveness.

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