Case Studies

KRG works in partnership with a wide range of firms, from fintech companies and well-known financial institutions through to global businesses in the leisure and travel sectors.

National Taxi Operator

The client had large stores of historic trip and cost data but did not have a view of customer profitability, driver compliance and pricing optimisation.

We built a model that combined multiple sources of internal data to calculate profitability per trip, per account and per customer. We also combined data from the Google Navigation API to examine driver behaviour and identify drivers who habitually took excessively long routes. In addition, we delivered a tactical dashboard that enabled multiple client users to examine and act upon their data.

The client enjoyed a 23% increase in gross margin as a direct consequence of our work.

Leisure Group

A large UK-listed leisure group had significant data holdings about customers, revenues, loyalty and venue performance. They had started a project to yield benefits from this data, but it had stalled because of supplier performance and management issues.

We undertook a review of their data holdings, their organisational design and their plan and made various recommendations to accelerating their route to business value. From there, we helped them develop a range of rapid prototypes, reconfigure their data team and reset their delivery programme.

Fintech Organisation

By advising on the development of comparison technologies, customer profiling and the wider use of open banking data to drive business value, we supported a well-funded start up that was keen to use this accessible information to disrupt the UK current account market.

Major Supermarket

When approached by a major supermarket that was struggling to generate a profitable online business. we developed a data model that incorporated customer, product and outlet data, to test a wide range of hypotheses about the causes of its underperformance.

Our analysis prompted the supermarket to change its marketing strategy by reducing its target customers and markets, and to focus instead on small numbers of higher-earning customers that were living close to its major outlets.

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